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Wendy and Dipper's Walk in the Park by DiamondDawn37 Wendy and Dipper's Walk in the Park :icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 2 0
Impractical... Lovers...? (Impractical Jokers fic)
They knew it had gone too far. There was absolutely no doubt about it. It wasn’t just a big joke anymore. This was… serious.
Joe and Murr sat in a plaza, debating over whether it was more socially acceptable to be gay or lesbian while Sal and Q watched in amusement.
“I think it is better to be lesbian because there is such thing as a tomboy, BUT there is no such thing as a girlboy.”
“Yeah, that’s called a Murr.” Joe retorted.
“Are you calling me gay?!”
“Yeah, kinda.”
“Then you are too!!”
“I never said I wasn’t.”
At that all 3 other guys, did a spit take,” Say what!?”
Murr sat there gaping as Sal and Q just stood there in shock. Joe smirked, did a bow, and started to walk off. Murr stood there for a few minutes not knowing what to do before running after Joe.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa….. You’re gay?”
“Yep.” He said as if were no big deal.
“And y
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 13 92
Total Drama Second Generation Episode 1
Here’s how the Total Drama Second Generation is gonna work. On Saturday, I will write the story/ challenge. You are supposed to enter below in the comments WHO YOU want to leave and WHY. Then on Tuesday, the person with the most votes will get booted off to Playa Des Loser. Once a month, I will write what happens at the infamous resort for your enjoyment. Please cast your votes below!
It had been 21 years since Total Drama All Stars and Chris McClain, now at age 50, was losing fans. Not that he ever HAD that many, but they were still a big deal to him. That’s probably why he was now standing on the dock at Pahkitew Island, awaiting his next victim’s arrival. Truth be told, as Chris was… getting wiser… so were most of the old contestants….
“And that’s why THIS year, we’ll be having their KIDS for the sixth season of Total Drama Island. Otherwise, now known as Total Drama Second GENERATION!” He said in his sing
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 0 0
Lana Wyatts OC Profile [Total Drama Island]
Verse: Total Drama Island
Full Name: Lana Wyatts
Gender: Girl
Orientation: Straight
Age: 16 years old
Birthday: May 4, 2032
Birthplace: Canada
Immediate Family: Zoey, Mike, and Svet(twin brother)
Parenting: Got therapy
Infancy: Mal took over Mike again and hurt her and Svet
Childhood: Her parents took them to therapy for being bipolar and depressed
Adolescence: Tries to fit in
Preferred Hand: Left handed
Facial Type: Mom’s
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Hairstyle: Full bangs with short curly hair
Skin Tone: Tanish-pale-ish
Makeup: Natural, but pretty
Height: Normal
Weight: Normal
Cup Size: Normal
Birthmarks/scars: Birthmark on back of shoulder
Health: Eh…
Energy: WAY too much
Memory: Awful memory
Senses: Awful
Medication: Lots
Phobias: Being laid down
Mental Disorders: “Insane”
Style: Old green t-shirt, shorts, and green flip flops
Habits and Mannerisms: Acts a little like Allison from the Breakfast Club
Scent: Violet
Mood: She’s bi-polar
Stability: Ins
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 1 0
Annabella Parkins OC Profile [Total Drama Island]
Verse: Total Drama Island
Full Name: Annabella Parkins
Nickname/Alias: Belly
Gender: Girl
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 16 years old
Birthday: June 9, 2032
Birthplace: Canada
Immediate Family: Bridgette, Geoff, and Josh
Parenting: Close
Infancy: Parents nurtured her
Childhood: She was taught how to surf
Adolescence: She took care of her autistic brother
Coming of Age: When her brother got autisms. 
Preferred Hand: Left hand
Facial Type: Mom’s
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hairstyle: In a high ponytail
Skin Tone: Pale
Makeup: Natural
Height: Tall
Weight: Skinny
Cup Size: Normal
Birthmarks/scars: Scar on shoulder from boarding incident
Energy: Enough
Phobias: Car crashes
Mental Disorders: Paranoia
Style: White bead tank top, shorts, and white beaded flip flops
Posture: Chillaxed
Habits and Mannerisms: Hums
Scent: Oceans
Mood: Happy
Attitude: Relaxed
When Happy: Squeals
When Depressed: Stays quiet
When Angry: Rants
Current Residence: Beach House
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 0 0
Brenda Cottle OC Profile [Total Drama Island]
Verse: Total Drama Island
Full Name: Brenda Cottle
Gender: Girl
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 15 years old
Birthday: October 10, 2031
Birthplace: Canada
Immediate Family: Blaineley and Duncan
Parenting: Mom was around more than dad
Infancy: Brought everywhere with mom
Childhood: Alone for most of the time
Adolescence: Got arrested a lot
Evolution: She got used to her dad’s law breaking and started doing it herself
Preferred Hand: Either
Facial Type: Dad’s
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde with red highlights
Hairstyle: Mom’s
Skin Tone: Pale
Makeup: Dark and heavy
Build: Petite
Height: Short
Weight: Skinny
Cup Size: Medium
Distinguishing Features: Lip piercing, ear piercings, and nose piercing
Health: Ehh…
Energy: A dangerous amount
Medication: Anti-depressants
Addictions: Drugs
Mental Disorders: Depression
Style: A black punk tank top, maroon plaid skirt, ripped leggings, and combat boots
Grooming: Disastrous
Posture: Sloucy
Habits and Man
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 0 0
Joseph Ciaste OC Profile [Total Drama Island]
Verse: Total Drama Island
Full Name: Joseph Ciaste
Gender: Boy
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: August 13, 2035
Birthplace: Canada
Immediate Family: Alejandro, Heather, and little sister, Skylar
Parenting: Spoiled
Infancy: Raised by maids and butlers more than actual parents
Childhood: Tortured his little sister out of loneliness
Adolescence: He was a lady’s man
Ethnicity: Spanish
Preferred Hand: Right-handed
Facial Type: More like his dad’s
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hairstyle: Floppy
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: 6-pack
Height: Tall
Weight: Muscular
Facial Hair: Goatee
Health: Works out to stay “hot”
Energy: Chillaxed
Phobias: Water. He can’t swim
Addictions: Making out
Style: Wears a greenish version of his dad’s outfit
Grooming: Obsessive
Posture: Stiff
Scent: Strong yet pleasant cologne
Mood: Snotty
Expressiveness: Hide emotions
When Happy: Smirks
When Depressed: Clenches teeth
When Angry: Glares
Pets: Lab
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 0 0
NoCo[llege] Chapter 2
Noah had NO experience in cooking whatsoever, but he knew a few recipes from some of the cook-books he read when he had no other options. He pulled down a pot from the hanger above the stove and placed it on the light blue marble counter. He opened up the pantry and his bored brown eyes suddenly widened to the size of saucers.
Cody turned his pale face up, whipping his brunette hair against his rosy cheek," What?" He walked over to the tiny, falling apart pantry," Sweet chicken!"
"I'm vegan." Noah said, sternly.
"Oh........... Well... umm... that's gonna be a problem......... It doesn't look like there's anything NOT made of meat in here..."
"Great.... just another reason for me to stay in this wonderfully perfect house with YOU!!" Noah said, sarcastically.
"Calm down. Calm down. Let's just eat a snack. We can go to Walmart after class tomorrow." Cody offered, trying to get Noah to calm down.
Noah breathed out, embarrassed. For the first 16 years of his life
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 1 2
NoCo[llege] Chapter 1
Noah stood in front of a pretty little white house with a brown backpack around his back, a blue duffel bag in his left hand, and a brown suitcase in his other. He stared at the house with his typical blank expression before stepping towards the front door. The house was a one story and looked more like a cottage than a house. A little TOO quaint for Noah's liking, but at least he was here on a scholarship so he really couldn't complain that much. Noah had been accepted to a private college in Toronto. There weren't any dorm rooms, but the college offered little cottage like white houses for students who preferred to stay on campus. The door was solid white, just like most of the house, but it had a baby blue wreath on it and a placemat, which smelled like dog pee. 'Great' Noah thought annoyed, he DEFINITELY get the guys with that. and yep, you heard him right. Noah has finally accepted the obvious truth... he was gay. It wasn't that it annoyed him so much as he knew his un
:icondiamonddawn37:DiamondDawn37 1 0


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Hey guys, this is totally random, BUT I LOVE the show Impractical Jokers. Anyway, I was watching the bowling alley episode when... I started shipping JoexMurr and SalxQ and I was just like... that HAS to be a thing. Is that thing? It should be a thing. It'd be adorable!!! : D


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